All Rhino and Nailbiter Magnetic Sweepers are offered with a five year warranty against faulty parts or workmanship

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Rhino R-600 and R-900 and Nailbiter magnetic sweepers are strong and sturdy and come with large rubberised wheels for easy handling. They can operate effectively in most conditions, including standing water. Our Rhino SCF fork-mounted magnetic sweepers will collect all the sort of dross found on most industrial and transport sites. The Rhino SCT-X towed magnetic sweepers are constructed and supplied in single, fully-operational units, to be used individually or quickly and easily linked together to clear large areas more efficiently and are designed for easy clearing of collected waste. The Rhino Magnetic Wand complements our extensive range of magnetic sweepers and offers a very low cost hand held solution for collecting ferrous waste from around machine tools, drills, saws, punches and workbenches, while the Rhino RMS-300 is designed to operate in small or confined spaces and will pick up all forms of ferrous metal waste quickly and efficiently. We are constantly developing new products and can design and build one-off solutions for new or unusual applications. Most sweeper machines are held in stock or on very short lead times. All Rhino and Nailbiter Magnetic Sweepers are offered with a FIVE YEAR WARRANTY against faulty parts or workmanship.

Magnetic Sweepers are the best solution for quick, easy and safe cleaning of large areas for nails, swarf and other ferrous objects.

A magnetic sweeper can quickly pay for itself in the saving of time and cost associated with replacing punctured tyres on vehicles.

Zenith Industrial Products is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Rhino and Nailbiter magnetic sweepers. We supply all types of magnetic sweepers to customers both in the UK and internationally. Contact us for free advice on the best choice of magnetic sweeper for your requirements.