All Rhino and Nailbiter Magnetic Sweepers are offered with a five year warranty against faulty parts or workmanship


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Nailbiter magnetic sweepers offer the lowest cost, reliable solution to the problem of collecting all types of ferrous waste.

Nailbiter magnetic sweepers will collect nails, screws, pop rivets, off-cuts, blasting shot, swarf, punchings and all other types of ferrous waste.

Suitable for clearing: Transport yards, workshops, around machine tools, waste skips and car parks, at a brisk walking pace; in any weather, even in standing water.

Fitted with specially developed very powerful, permanent anisotropic ceramic magnets with a life of over 50 years.

Sheathed in stainless steel,
Nailbiter magnetic sweepers will survive even the most harsh industrial applications and environments.

With a powder coated finish and needing no maintenance, they are always ready for instant use. Solid tired 250mm wheels make them light to push, and with a ground clearance of 70mm, they can operate effectively in most conditions, including standing water.

Nailbiter magnetic sweepers come complete with cleaning tool and collection tray, for safe disposal of waste, and can easily be transported from site to site using built in lifting handles.

Standard 5 year ‘no quibble’ guarantee on faulty parts or workmanship.