All Rhino and Nailbiter Magnetic Sweepers are offered with a five year warranty against faulty parts or workmanship

Company Profile

For over 20 years Zenith Industrial Products have been designing and manufacturing high quality, robust magnetic sweepers, for clearing: Nails, screws, nuts, bolts, pop-rivet studs, wire off-cuts, punching mandrels and any other ferrous waste materials.

Our products are used in transport yards, factories, fabricators, machine shops, press-works, container terminals, docks, car plants, shot-blasting operations, airports, roadways, stadiums, building sites and scrap yards. In fact, anywhere that damaging and dangerous ferrous debris is present.

All our magnetic sweepers are designed to cope with continuous use in arduous industrial conditions.

Most machines are held in stock or on very short lead times.

Thousands of NAILBITER and RHINO magnetic sweepers are already in use throughout industry both in the UK, and world-wide.

We are constantly developing new products and can design and build one-off solutions for new or unusual applications.

We will always provide the right solution for every customer’s needs.

All our products are designed and manufactured by us in the U.K.

All our products carry a 5 YEAR ‘no quibble’ warranty against faulty parts or manufacture.