All Rhino and Nailbiter Magnetic Sweepers are offered with a five year warranty against faulty parts or workmanship

Rhino RMS-300

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Rhino RMS-300

The Rhino RMS-300 is designed to operate in small or confined spaces and will pick up all forms of ferrous metal waste quickly and efficiently.

Nails, screws, needles, grinding dust, blasting shot, punchings and many other types of debris can be collected quickly, and disposed of safely.

The Robust
Rhino RMS-300 is built around a strong aluminium casting containing powerful, permanent, anisotropic ceramic magnets.

Areas around machine tools, drills, presses and assembly centres can be cleared of damaging and dangerous waste in seconds.

The operating handle is hinged and will move down to ground level, to operate under work benches and machinery, and stands vertical when the sweeper is ‘parked’.

By the simple operation of pulling the hand-grip, all the collected waste is released, either into a pile on a collection sheet, or directly into a waste bin.

As with all the Rhino magnetic sweepers that we design manufacture in the U.K., the
Rhino RMS-300 is built for continuous, arduous and maintenance-free industrial use.

The magnets have a life of 50 years, and we offer our ‘no-quibble’ guarantee of five years against faulty parts or workmanship.