All Rhino and Nailbiter Magnetic Sweepers are offered with a five year warranty against faulty parts or workmanship

Rhino SCF

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SCF Series

Rhino SCF fork- mounted magnetic sweepers will safely collect: Nails, screws, wire, security tabs, off-cuts and all the sort of dross found on most industrial and transport sites.

Rhino SCF magnetic sweepers can be operated at up to 8 mph, at which speeds they will collect any ferrous waste scattered about. By operating the dump lever, all the collected waste can be dropped into a waste skip, on a sheet or into a specially designed collection tray, and then disposed of safely.

Rhino SCF magnetic sweepers are available in standard magnet widths of 1200, 1500 and 1800mm, (model illustrated 1200mm) with alternative widths available on request.

Rhino SCF magnetic sweepers are fitted with two rows of very powerful, permanent, anisotropic ceramic magnets, with a life of over 50 years.

Rhino SCF magnetic sweepers are designed to operate in arduous industrial conditions and are built for maximum strength and durability, to remain maintenance and trouble-free. Rhino SCF magnetic sweepers can work in all conditions, inside or out, even in standing water.

The costs in the repair and down-time of punctures and damage to essential plant and equipment is substantial. By using our sweepers, these costs can be stopped immediately and give a very short payback time. These sweepers are essential for making many operations more economical.

As with all our products, the Rhino SCF magnetic sweepers are manufactured by us in the U.K. and carry our 5 year ‘no quibble’ warranty on faulty parts or manufacture.